2 Citations EK 2 + Wounded Badge 197. ID Russia

Wounded Badge & EK 2 citations

197. Infanterie Division

Russia 1943

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Wounded Badge in Black & EK 2 citations to Gefreiten Gustav Wagenblass. He was member of Divisions Battalion 229 and Radfahr Kompanie Divisions Battalion 229 wich were both part of the 197. Infanterie Division wich was part of Heeresgruppe Mitte at that time and fighting in Russia.

The EK 2 citation is signed by Generalleutnant and Divisional commander Ehrenfried Boge.

Boge was and Knightscross with Oakleaves wearer.

After the war he was convicted for war-crimes and held imprisoned in Russia untill 1955 when he was released.

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Picture of Boge is taken from the web and does not come with the documents.

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