Citation Wounded badge in Black – Grenadier Regiment 1050 – Normandy 1944


Wounded Badge in Black citation

Normandy, Sainte-Mère-Eglise

Grenadier Regiment 1050

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Wounded badge in Black citation for a single wounding on 12 June 1944 to Gefreiten Adam Ebenhoch.

He was member of the 9th Kompanie of Grenadier Regiment 1050 under command of Oberst Hermann Dropmann. (Knightscross 12-7-1944)

The Regiment was part of the 77. Infanterie Division wich was stationed in Bretagne, France in 1944.


After the Allied landing began in Normandy, the 77. Infanterie Division (without I./Grenadier Regiment 1050, which remained in St. Malo for coastal protection) was separated from the previous operational area and assigned to the LXXXIV.A.K. assumed. The 77. Infanterie Division, together with the 709. Infanterie Division and the Sturm-Btl.AOK 7, were supposed to carry out a counterattack in the St. Mére-Eglise - Montebourg area, destroy the American airborne forces there and reach the east coast (Plage de la Madelaine ) pierced. Due to the Allied infrastructural destruction in Normandy as well as the Allied air superiority, the arrival of the 77. Infanterie Division was significantly disrupted and made more difficult, whereupon the division was no longer able to take part in the planned counterattack, but was torn apart in battalions and groups and was the only way to get there Defensive front was integrated.

During June 8, 1944, the III./Grenadier Regiment 1050 (his Battalion) was quickly relocated to Granville, from where it was later deployed with the 91. LL Division under command of Eugen Konig.
The Division was fighting in the Sainte-Mère-Eglise - Carentan area against American Airborne and Infanterie Divisions.

On June 12 he got wounded for the first time and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Black on 4 July 1944 in a hospital in Ludenscheid, Germany.

Interesting document for a single wounding during the early stages of the Normandy campaign.

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