Citation EK 2 L. Flak Abteilung 691 – France – Belgium 1944


EK 2 citation Leichte Flak Abteilung 691

France – Belgium 1944

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EK 2 Citation (2. Issue) to Obergefreiten Helmut Weber.

He was a member of Leichte Flak Abteilung 691.
The Abteilung was part of the 18. Flak Brigade wich was stationed in the Antwerp area and was sent to northern France in July 1944.
With the Allied advancing northwards the Abteilung retreated through Belgium and Holland.

During the battles in France or Belgium he must have shown bravery on the battlefield and was awarded the EK 2 on 13 September 1944.

It comes with a small paper wich stated that he had been taken POW by the Americans.

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