Citation KvK 2 With Swords 712. Infanterie Division Westfront 1944

Kriegsverdienstenkreuz 2 Klasse mit Schwerten.

712. Infanterie Division

Generalleutnant Neumann signed.

Westfront 1944

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Citation of the Kriegsverdienstenkreuz mit Schwerten to Gefreiten and Pionier Josef Brzoska.
He was a member of 1./ Pionier Battlion 712 of the 712. Infanterie Division. The Division was stationed at Walcheren (Netherlands) and later Belgium for coastal occupation duties.

Late August early September the Division fought in Belgium and escaped with the 15. Army over the Schelde and continued fighting in the southern part of the Netherlands.

The document is dated 1 September 1944 and was signed by Generalleutnant and Divisional commander Friedrich-Wilhelm Neumann.

At that time the 712. ID was on the Belgium - France border in the area of Lille and heading towards the area of Lille - Lens.

Neumann was awarded the Knightscross a few weeks later on 16 October 1944.

The document is in good used condition and has punchholes.


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