Citations 116. Panzer Division “Windhund” Hurtgenwald 1944


Citations 116. Panzer Division “Windhund”

Hurtgenwald 1944

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Citations to Unteroffizier Wilhelm Wagener.

He was member of the 8. Kompanie of Panzergrenadier Regiment 156 wich was part of the 116. Panzer Division or “Windhund” Division.


Because de 275. Infanterie Division had no reserve infantery left, a second battlegroup from the 116. Panzer Division was formed.

The division used the remnants of both Panzergrenadier Regiments under command of Oberstleutnant Grollmann. The battlegroup had the strength of a Battalion and existed of:

- Stab Pz. Grenadier Regiment 156

- Stab II./ 156 with 2 Schutzen Kompanies of Pzgr.Rgt. 60 and 156

- 8. Kompanie / 156 ( = his Kompanie)

- Heavy weapons group

In marched in the night of 17-18 November west of the Abbey ruines of Schwarzenbroich were it blocked attackes of the US 8th Regiment of the 4. US Infantery Division.
These battles during 18 and 21 November were one of the heaviest battles the Division faced in the Hurtgenwald.

On 18 November he got wounded for the third time and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Gold!

The award was handed out on 20 December 1944 in a hospital in Salzkotten.

Most probarly for bravery shown during the battles in the Hurtgenwald he was awarded the EK 2 on 12 December 1944.

The document was signed by Generalmajor Siegfried von Waldenburg. He was awarded with the Knightscross to the Iron cross 3 days prior on 9 December 1944.


It also comes with a small paper from the NSDAP wich wishes him a good recovery.

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