Citations 46. Infanterie Division – KIA Russia 1944


Citations to Oberfeldwebel Fritz Hahn.

46. Infanterie Division Russia.

Krim – Kaukasus – Kuban

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Citations to Oberfeldwebel Fritz Hahn.

He was a member of Infanterie Regiment 97 and later Grenadier Regiment 97 both of the 46. Infanterie Division.

With the Division he fought on the Eastfront from 1941 onwards at the Krim - Kaukasus - Kuban bridgehead - Isjum and Jassy.

He got wounded for the first time on 7 September 1941 and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Black. The document has been signed by a Oberstleutnant and Regimental commander.

After he recovered he returned to his old unit.

On 26 Marz 1942 the 46. Infanterie Division received and Tagesbefehl from the Oberbefehlhaber.
The Division had managed to beat-off 138 in Battalion or Divisional strenght enemy attacks with high losses in the short period between 13 untill 20 March 1942.
During these attacks from February onwards it also managed to knock-out no less then 162 enemy tanks!!

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A year later on 1 December 1942 he was awarded the Kriegsverdienstenkreuz 2 Klasse mit Schwerten.
The document has been signed by Generalmajor and Commander of the 46. Infanterie Division Ernst Haccius.
Only 2 months later Haccius was KIA in the Kaukasus and was awarded posthumously the Knightscross of the Iron Cross.

On 26th June 1943 Fritz Hahn was wounded a third time and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Silver at 7-8-1943.

The document has been signed by an Oberstleutnant and Commander of Grenadier Regiment 97.

It also comes with 2 small papers wich were send to the relatives together with his Wehrpass after he died in early 1942.

He is listed on the Volksbund page but sadly not burried on a known cemetery.

The Volksbund info and Ancestry info are for reference only and do not come with the papers.

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