Citations 9. Panzer Division – Russia – Westfront 1944


3 citations 9. Panzer Division

Russia, Westfront 1944

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3 citations to Stabsgefreiter Josef Ofner.

From at least 1941 onwards he served within the 9. Panzer Division.

On 2 November 1941 he was awarded the Kriegsverdienstenkreuz 2 Klasse mit Schwerten while serving with 8./ Schutzen Regiment 10.

The document was signed by the Divisional commander Alfred Ritter von Hubicki. (Ritterkreuz, DKIG wearer)

In August 1942 he was awarded the Ostmedaille. The document was handed out on 16 November 1944! while serving with 5./ Panzergrenadier Regiment 10.

The document was signed by Oberstleutnant and Regimental commander Dr. Johann Reich. A few weeks prior he was the commander of Kampfgruppe Reich wich saw action in the Betuwe region south of Arnhem late September and early Oktober 1944.

On 17 December 1944 he was awarded the EK 2 most probarly for bravery shown during the battles around Gelsenkirchen or at the Bruckenkopf Venlo.
The document was signed (stamp) by Generalleutnant und Divisional commander Freiherr von Elverfeldt.

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