EK 1 Citation- Artillerie Regiment 191 – Westfront – Holland 1944


EK 1 Citation Market Garden

Artillerie Regiment 191

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EK 1 citation to Wachtmeister Heinrich Wollbold.

He was part of III./Artillerie Regiment 191.

This Regiment had previously fought in Normandy (4 guns of this unit where destroyed near Brecourt, see Band of Brothers) and had retreated and ended up in the area of Zutphen, Netherlands.

During operation Market Garden the unit was attached from 20 September to the 9. SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen wich fought around Oosterbeek and Arnhem.

In Oktober and early November 1944 the 7th and 9th Battery (9th = III Battalion) had been assigned to the 712. Infanterie Division.

This Division was in October active around ‘s-Hertogenbosch and had to withdrawal north of the Waal river.
On 6 November it was attached to the 256. Infanterie Division.

The document was signed on 18 November 1944 and was stamped and signed by the commander of the 256. Volksgrenadier Division, Generalmajor Gerhard Franz who was and RKT and DKIG wearer.

The 256. Volksgrenadier Division would leave Holland on this day and was send to Hagenau, Germany.

The requirements for receiving the EK 1:

“The 1st Class of the Iron Cross was presented more scarcely, and logically held a correspondingly higher level of stature than the second class.
In order to receive the Iron Cross 1st Class Heer and Waffen SS men would have to perform three to four further acts of courage from the one that earned him the 2nd Class.”

So most probarly he must have received the EK 1 for actions in Hagenau and/or Holland and Normandy.

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