Kriegsmarine Soldbuch – Festung St. Nazaire 1945

Kriegsmarine Soldbuch

Festung Saint-Nazaire 1945


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Soldbuch, first issue to Matrosen Gefreiter Peter Janssen.

Born: 9-8-1925 in Ihren.

In daily life he was an Electrician.

The Soldbuch opens at 25 September 1943 when he joined the 1. Kompanie of 8, Schiffstammabteilung based in Emden.

After his basictrainings he was part of the 16. Schiffstammabteilung based in Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal, Netherlands.

A few week later he was sent to France and joined Marine ersatz Kompanie Paris for a short time before being sent to the French coast and became part the Hafenschutzflotille Loire / Saint-Nazaire, France.

After the Allied landings on D-day German troops withdrawals towards Saint-Nazaire and held a pocket or Festung around the city from August 194 untill it’s surrender in May 1945 when he was taken POW.

On 17-2-1945 he was awarded the Minensuch Kriegsabzeichen.

Good used condition.

Complete with all pages, has been denazified.

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