Soldbuch 251. I.D. Russia – Warka Bridgehead Poland Wounded 1945


Soldbuch Franz Zach

251. Infanterie Division

Warka Bridgehead Poland

Wounded 1945

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Soldbuch, first issue with photo to Franz Zach.

The Soldbuch opens at 3-2-1942 with Auffangslager Strebersdorf.

In daily life he was an Schneidermeister / Master tailor.

After his basictrainings he was part of several fieldunits;

- Marsch Battalion 251

- Stab Nachschub Kdr. 251

- Kdo. 251 Inf. Div.

All these units belonged to the 251. Infanterie Division wich was active on the Eastfront as part of Heeresgruppe Mitte. It was destroyed during Autumn 1943 and rebuilt in 1944.
After it’s reformation it was again send to the Eastfront as part of Heeresgruppe Mitte and later H.Gruppe A.
Fighting from October 1944 untill January 1945 in Poland around the Warka Bridgehead.
He got ill in February 1945 and enters a hospital. After he was released he got wounded by schrapnel (woundcode -31b- ) somewhere during the defensive battles in East Prussia in April 1945.

He got an own Pistol on 1-8-1944

He received the Fuhrergeschenk and was awarded:

- KvK 2 with Swords, 6-12-1943

He also must have been entitled for a Wounded Badge but this was never added in the Soldbuch.

Used condition, complete with all pages. Has a double cover on front and small part of the back cover has been cut-off.

Not denaz.

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