Soldbuch 5. Fallschirmjager Division – Ardennes 1944 – Erdkampfabzeichen

Soldbuch Fallschirmjager Regiment 14

Ardennes 1944


Wounded Badge in Black

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Soldbuch first issue to Gefreiten Karl Bopp.

Born on 8-12-1925 in Mosbach, Baden.

The Soldbuch opens at 27 April 1943.

He served with (training) several units:

- Regiment Kapuste

- Flieger Regiment 90

- Bord….schule

- Fliegertechnische  Schule 2

- Bordschutzenschule

- Kampfgeschwader 55

- Nachtjagdgeschwader 101

- Fallschirmjager Regiment 14.


He joined on 30 November 1944 the 3. Kompanie Fallschirmjager Regiment 14 wich was part of the 5. Fallschirmjager Division.

The 5. Fallschirmjager Division was preparing for the Ardennes offensive.

On December 16, 1944, the Ardennes Offensive began for the regiment by crossing the Our. Fallschirmjager Regiment 15 was deployed on the left side of the division. The regiment made rapid progress westward. By evening the regiment's advance division had reached the Diekrich-Hosingen road. On December 17th, the regiment and its advance division won the undestroyed river crossings in the Bourscheid area. On December 18th, the regiment established contact with the Fallschirmjager Regiment 14 near Weiler due to the gap created on the regiment's right wing. On December 19th, the regiment continued its advance in the Sauer Valley without any significant enemy contact. The connection to the regiment's advance division, which had already advanced as far as Wiltz, was broken. For this purpose, the Fallschirmjager Pionier Battalion 5 was assigned to the regiment as an advance division, which continued to attack Nothum via Dahl - Buderscheid despite little enemy resistance.
The advance division, which had no connection to his regiment in the northwest, encountered strong forces near Wiltz, was pushed back south and assembled near Goesdorf on the evening of December 19th. On December 20th, the Fallschirmjager Pionier Battalion 5 attacked Wiltz and took the place. On the same day, the Fallschirmjager Regiment 15 together with the Fallschirm Sturmgeschutz Abteilung Martelange was taken on the evening of December 21st by the Fallschirm Sturmgeschutz Abteilung XI with the support of parts of the Since the neighboring division on the left was still hanging far back and the left flank of the 5. Fallschirmjager Division and also that of the 5th Panzer Army, which had already advanced far to the west via Bastogne on the right, was already open, the 5. Fallschirmjager Division had to take over the flank protection and was deployed on the orders of the 7th Army with a front to the south. On December 22nd, the division then reorganized its formations, switched from attack to defense and, after the town of Sibret on the right wing and the area south of it had passed into the battle strip of the 26th Volksgrenadier Division on the right, took up defensive positions against attacks from the southwest and south in the line Vaux-les-Rosières - Martelange - Bigonville - Arsdorf - Heiderscheid with a front length of 40 km. In the days from December 23rd to 25th, 1944, the 5. Fallschirmjager Division had to attack the towns of Vaux-les-Rpsières, Hotte, Give up Strainchamps, Martelange, Titange and Bigonville.
On December 26th, the American units continued their attacks towards Bastogne. American units broke through to the north between the Fallschirmjager Regiment 14, which was still holding near Chaumont, and the 26th Volksgrenadier Division, which adjoined to the northwest. On December 27th, the positions of the 5. Fallschirmjager Division ran along the line Assenois - Lutrebois - Villers-le-bonne-Eau - Harlange - Bavigne. The Fallschirmjager Regiment 14 occupied the Harlange - Bavigne line.
After the breakthrough on Bastogne, the 3rd US Army shifted the focus of its attacks to the area southwest of Bavigne against the section of the Fallschirmjager Regiment 13. The Americans were able to achieve a deep breakthrough towards Wiltz on December 27th. On December 29th the regimental command post was at Sonlex, south of Doncols. On January 2, 1945, the division was threatened with encirclement in the area around Harlange and Bavigne due to successful enemy attacks on its left neighbor. With the last of its strength, the regiment was able to hold its positions until January 7, 1945. On January 9, 1945, American units attacked the division in Bras, Doncols and Nothum. A large part of the division was surrounded and taken prisoner.

On 1 January 1945 he was awarded the Erdkampfabzeichen for taking part in (at least) 3 Assault days.

On 16-1-1945 he enters a Hospital in Wiesbaden with code -33- wich stands for freezing. The cold and harsh winter temperatures in the Ardennes. Because of freezing wounds he was awarded the Wounded Badge in Black on 3 February 1945.

He surrendered in April or May 1945.

The Soldbuch is in heavy used condition, the cover has been taped, some pages are loose but it’s complete.

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