Soldbuch 9. Infanterie Division Russia – Nahkampfspange EK 1


Soldbuch to an Leutnant of the 9. Infanterie Division.

EK 1 and Nahkampfspange wearer.

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Replacement Soldbuch to Leutnant Josef Ludwig.

Born: 31-7-1917

The Soldbuch opens at 5 June 1944 and was handed out by Grenadier Regiment 116 wich was part of the 9. Infanterie Division.

after his previous Soldbuch  had been damaged or lost after he got wounded in February 1944 by schrapnel.

The Division was at that time fighting in Ukraine and was destroyed 2 months later.  Just before the Division was destroyed he was brought to an hospital for health issues with his stomach and later on malaria.

In March 1945 he was release from the hospital and send to and officers trainingcourse. A few weeks later he must have been taken POW.
From at least 1939 onwards he had already seeing active front service as he was awarded:

- EK 2,   2-11-1941

- Wounded badge in Black, 10-3-1941

- Infanterie Sturmabzeichen, 25-8-1942

- Ostmedaille, 1-9-1942

- Schutzwallkreuz, 30-10-1940

- 25-3-1944, EK 1

- Nahkampfspange, 25-3-1944

It comes with a separate list with 16! close combat days in Russia.

The Soldbuch has no photo, never had one.

The single photo came with the Soldbuch but is most certainly not the man of the Soldbuch. Maybe a relative?

used condition.

Needs further research.

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