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Soldbuch, first issue to Oberfeldwebel Walter Jacke.

Born: 25-1-1911

Proffession: Briclayer (Mauer)

The Soldbuch opens at 6-10-1939 with 1./Eisenbahn Pionier ersatz Battlion 68. After his basictrainings he went to an fieldunit;  Feldbahn Kompanie 105 and later on to Feldbahn Kompanie 305.
With this unit he served in Russia. On 1-9-1941 he was awarded the Kriegsverdienstenkreuz II Klasse mit Schwerten. 

After the harsh and cold Russian winter of 1941 - 1942 he was awarded the medal “Winterschlacht im Osten” or Ostmedaille.

In June 1942 he was promoted to Oberfeldwebel and most probarly because of his promotion he received the Fuhrergeschenk later that same year.

Eisenbahn Pionier Kompanie 71 (mot)

Feldpost number: 29487

The Eisenbahn Pionier Kompanie 71 / railway pioneer company (mot) 71 was formed on July 1, 1942 from the Fieldbahn Kompanie 305 as an army force. Little is known about the deployment of the company. From July 1, 1942 to May 31, 1943, the company was subordinate to the commander of the 16th Railway Engineers (Stab I./Eisenbahn-Pionier-Regiment 4) and from October 1st to December 31st, 1944 to the commander of the Ligurian (= region in Italy) Army Railway Engineers (Staff/Eisenbahn-Bau-Bataillon 12) with the commander of the railway engineers O.B. Southwest Army Group C (Railway Pioneer Regiment Staff z.b.V. 7). From January 1 to January 10, 1944, the company was deployed for repair work on the Idriza - Polotsk line and then until February 29, 1944 for repair work on the Nischlscha - Rossono line.

In September 1944 he was awarded the Kriegsverdienstenkreuz I Klasse mit Schwerten. 

He received:

- Winterclothings

- P08 Pistol

- Armbanduhr (watch)

The Soldbuch is complete with photo (with a friendly looking Walter), all pages present of wich some a bit loose.

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