Soldbuch + dogtag 180. ID. Market Garden – Venlo – Reichswald

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Soldbuch with matching dog tag to Gefreiter Gunther Wolf.

A young and small salesman (1,56m) from Blumenthal.

The Soldbuch opens at 29-6-1944 with Infanterie ersatz und Ausbildungs Kompanie 22 based in Oldenburg.

On 17 September 1944 the Allies launched operation Market Garden.

The Germans reacted quickly and sent all avaible troops to the front in Holland.

On 18 September 1944, the codeword Alarm Küste was given out to German forces in response to several Allied paratrooper landings in the Netherlands collectively known as Operation Market Garden.

On this day he received equipment including a K98 rifle.

The 180. Division, now designated Operation Division No. 180, was moved against the Allied forces in the south of Holland.

Elements of the Division fought south of Veghel

The division consisted of the following forces, with a strength of at least 8475 personnel:


  • 180th Division Staff; 79 men.
  • Grenadier Reserve and Training Regiment 269, including Grenadier Replacement Battalions 47 (five companies) and 65 (four companies) and Landschützen Training Battalion I./10 (four companies); 3208 men.
  • Grenadier Reserve and Training Regiment 22, including Grenadier Replacement Battalions 16 (three companies) and 489 (four companies); 1308men.
  • Cavalry Reserve Detachment 100, including one heavy cavalry and three on foot; 808 men.
  • Artillery Reserve and Training Regiment 22; 1013 men.
  • Anti Air Reserve and Training Battalion 52, one of three companies without guns; 515 men.
  • Intelligence Reserve Detachment Staff 20; unknown strength.
  • Pioneer Reserve and Training Battalion 30, two companies; 382 men.
  • Nebel Reserve and Training Regiment 1, eight batteries; 1162 men.

The division was also accompanied in combat by Kampfgruppe Fastenau, Battalion Wienke, and the Heavy Flak Detachments 362 and 666.

The 180th Division was successful in slowing the Allied XXX Corps long enough to secure German victory at the battle of Arnhem.

It was under command of Bernhard Klosterkempper starting on 27 September 1944. Klosterkemper soon passed command to Martin Gilbert on 1 October. Several parts of the division that were not utilized in combat were later reformed into Division 480.

Following an order on 31 October 1944, Division No. 180 was reformed into the 180th Infantry Division. The 180th Infantry Division initially consisted of the following units:

  • Grenadier Regiment 1221
  • Grenadier Regiment 1222 (his unit)
  • Grenadier Regiment 1223
  • Division Fusilier Battalion 180
  • Artillery Regiment 880
  • Panzerjäger Company 1180 (later Panzerjäger Detachment 180)
  • Intelligence Company 1180
  • Division Supply Regiment 1180


Between October 1944 and February 1945, the 180th Infantry Division served under the LXXXVI Corps. The division fought in the Venlo area between December 1944 and January 1945 in the so-called Bruckenkopf Venlo. (Grubbenvorst - Blerick)  During the Allied Operation Veritable the division fought around Goch and the Reichswald.

The Division surrendered in the Ruhrpocket in 1945.

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