Soldbuch Festung Dunkirchen 1944 EK 2


Soldbuch Festung Dunkirchen EK 2

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Soldbuch first issue to Gefreiter Josef Kroiss.

The Soldbuch opens at 21-4-1943 with I.G. ersatz Kompanie 462 based in Gmunden.

After his basictrainings he became part of several other training and reserve units and ersatz Kompanie 165. Reserve Division wich was stationed as occupation troops in France.

From at least 1 December 1943 he served with a new unit:

Festungs Stamm trupp LXXXI based in Le Havre, France.

On 24-12-1943 he was hospitalized at Ortslazarett St.-Romain in France with code -25- = Skin and connective tissue problems.

Being released at 14-1-1944. A month later he was again hospitalized with code -6- = Measels, Scarlet fever, Diphtheria.

Being released 2 weeks later on 29-2-1944.

After the Allied landings on D-day and the retreat northwards his unit headed towards Dunkirchen.

During the defensive battles against Canadian 4th, 5th and 6th Brigade he must have shown bravery on the battlefield and was awarded the EK 2 on 14 September 1944 by the 226. Infanterie Division.

No further entries are in the Soldbuch after 14-9-1944 wich indicates that he must have taken POW during the Siege of Dunkirchen.

He was issued an Pistol and signalmunition.

Soldbuch is in used condition complete with all pages but the photo is missing. Some pages are loose.

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