Soldbuch Festung Lorient 1945 POW


Soldbuch Festung Lorient 1945

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Soldbuch first issue to Gefreiter Wilhelm Zimmermann from Mannheim. Born on 24-05-1904.
In daily life he was a city inspector.

The Soldbuch opens at 28-2-1943 with Stamm Kp./Kf.Pk.ers.Abt.12 based in Mainz. After his basictrainings he served within several Festungs units:

  • Festungs Stamm Abteilung XXV
  • Festungs StammAbteilung 3388 (Lorient)
  • 23.W.Rgt. Lorient 3

"Festung Lorient"  ("Fortress Lorient")  was a very important German submarine-base and naval strongpoint in World War Two. It is famous because of its HUGE submarine bunker ( "Ubootbunker"). Because of its importance for the German Kriegsmarine, it was fortified to the highest level. The entire town was surrounded by coastal batteries, anti-aircraft batteries, radarstations, infantry positions - all in fortress-standard bunkers. It was only captured by the Allies after fierce fighting in 1944 / 45.


On the back cover inside with pencil a POW number is written.

No photo, never had one.

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