Soldbuch Flak Paris D-day Cherbourg Elsass

Soldbuch to Obergreiter Paul Eichler.

4./Reserve Flak Abteilung 124

I./ Flak Regiment 501 (mot)

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Soldbuch first issue to Obergefreiter Paul Eichler.

The Soldbuch opens at 9-7-1940 when he was called up for military service and started his military career with Ausbildungs Lehrgang Bln Marienfelde. After his basictrainings he became part of 4./Reserve Flak Abteilung 124.

Reserve Flak Abteilung 124 was formed in Berlin in April 1940 with three heavy and two light batteries. Until 1940, the Abteilung was first in Magdeburg and then moved to France. In 1943 the Abteilung was expanded to six batteries. From November 1943, the Abteilung was subordinate to the staff of Flak Regiment 59 at the 13th Flak Division in Paris. From January 1944 he was placed under the staff of Flak Regiment 30 at the 5th Flak Brigade and in February 1944 he was placed under the staff of Flak Regiment 30 at the 13th Flak Division. At this time the department was based in Cherbourg. In March 1944 she was assigned to the staff of Flak Regiment 45 in the 12th Flak Brigade. Parts of the Abteilung were transferred to the Channel Islands at this time.

Situated on the Normandy peninsula the unit was most probarly involved in the battles against the Allies.
On 6 June 1944 / d-day he must have fired at Allied planes and gliders wich were moving towards the landing beaches.

In September 1944 the staff, the 5th and 6th batteries were disbanded, the 2nd - 4th batteries in the Channel Islands existed until the end of the war.

He was also part of the 4. Battery but it seems he didn’t go to the Channel Islands but retreated towards Germany.

From 20-9 untill 30-9-1944 he was part of Ausbildungs Battalion Siegmund of the 189. Infanterie Division.

From 1 Oktober onwards he became part of I./ Flak Regiment 501 (mot) wich was part of the 13. Flak Division operating in the West.

Area of operations:  Elsass - Lothringen - Freiburg and finally surrendered to the Allies at Pilzen in 1945.

The Soldbuch is heavy used but complete with all pages.

Some pages are loose.

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