Soldbuch Luftnachrichten Holland – Stellung Bisam and Biber Holland

Soldbuch Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment Holland

Stellung Bisam ( Strijbeek, Breda)

Stellung Biber (Oostvoorne)

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Soldbuch first issue with photo to Unteroffizier Johannes Muller.

Born on 18-5-1902 in Leipzig.

The Soldbuch opens at 20-3-1940 while serving with 19. Flugmelde ersatz Kompanie Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment 4.

From 22-5-1940 untill 5-2-1941 he served with first the 9th Kompanie based in s'Hertogenbosch and later 12th Kompanie based in Breda of Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment Holland.

After following a Flugmelde training he returned to the 12th Kompanie.

From 15-7-1944 untill 9-10-1944 he served with 9./ Luftnachrichten Regiment 211 =

Flugmelde-Leit Kompanie at Strijbeek near Breda (Stellung "Bisam") 

This was an German radar station with around 200 men.

With the advancing Allies in southern Holland the unit was disbanded.
The German troops fled across the rivers to safer grounds.

The area of Strijbeek was liberated at 29 October 1944.

From 19-11-1944 untill 5-5-1945 he was part of 12./ Luftnachrichten Regiment 223 also known as;

12. mittlere Flugmelde-Leit-Kompanie at Oostvoorne (Stellung "Biber")

He was taken POW in 1945.

No medals listed.

Used condition, complete with all pages.

Has been denazified.

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