Soldbuch Nebelwerfer Ardennen – Westfront 1944 – 1945

Soldbuch Wefer Regiment 14

Ardennes 1944

Westfront 1945

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Soldbuch with photo’s to a kanonier from Oldenburg.

The Soldbuch opens at 14 May 1944 with Stamm Kompanie Werfer ersatz Abteilung 4.

After his basictrainings he became part of;

- 4./Schwere Werfer Regiment 14 wich was later renamed to:

- 4./Schwere Volks Werfer Regiment 14.

This Regiment served under Werfer Brigade 9 on the Westfront.

During Operation “Wacht am Rhein” or the Ardennes offensive the unit was attached to the II SS Panzer Korps.

On 18 December he received an iron portion wich indicates he moved to the front.

In preparation for the Ardennes offensive the corps was placed in reserve of the 6. Panzer Armee and committed on 21 December 1944 near St. Vith.

After the northern assault stalled, the corps was transferred south to take part in the attack on Bastogne. The corps' divisions suffered heavy losses in the battles against the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.
After the operation's failure, the corps returned to the defensive, seeing action against American forces in the Eifel region.

He was most probarly taken POW somewhere in April - May 1945.

He received a Polish Radom pistol.

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