Soldbuch NSKK Belgium – Holland – Haarlem – Eefde

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Soldbuch to Sanitats Obergefreiter Bernhard Kowol.

In daily life he was a salesman.

He starts his military career in December 1941 with Flieger ausbildungs Regiment 53 wich was at that time based in Tongeren, Belgium. After 3 months he was send to another training unit: Kraftfahr ausbildungsstelle der Luftwaffe Nr. 12 2. Kompanie.
In Oktober of the same year the unit was renamed to 2./ Kraftfahrausbildungs Abteilung der Luftwaffe Nr. 12 based in Haarlem, Netherlands. In 1944 the unit was relocated to the Detmerskazerne based in the small Dutch town of Eefde near Zutphen. 

The barracks were built just before the Second World War for the II Battalion of the 18th Infantry Regiment (II-18 RI). It is unknown whether this was once stationed here. During the war years, Dutch drivers were trained for the National Socialist Kraftwagen Korps (NSKK), who served on the eastern front, among other things.
After the liberation, Canadian soldiers were stationed there for some time. Dutch people were also imprisoned on suspicion of colluding with the Germans. The barracks were then used for the training of troops who would be deployed in the Dutch East Indies. In a short period of time, AAT members, infantrymen, nursing troops belonging to the Intendance, reserve officers and cooks were trained. The Oranje Gelderland Regiment was also stationed there for a short time and an anti-aircraft artillery training unit was stationed there until 1953.

Most probarly he must have been part of the German and Dutch?instructors and staff who trained Dutch volunteers within the NSKK.

On 29-1-1945 he became part of Stab II Abteilung / O.K.W. Kraftstoff Transport Regiment. With this unit he was taken POW in April or May 1945.

He received an Trommelrevolver.

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