Soldbuch Panzergrenadier ersatz Battalion 60 – Westfront 1944 – 1945


Soldbuch Panzergrenadier

Westfront 1944 – 1945

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Soldbuch first issue to Panzergrenadier Franz Schaben.

Born on 17-8-1926

The Soldbuch opens at 2-10-1944 with Stamm Kompanie Grenadier ersatz Battalion 60 based in Rheine.

2 weeks prior to his arrival the Battalion was send to Arnhem and became Battalion Schorken as part of Kampfgruppe Knaust.

On 21 October 1944 he enters a hospital with code -34- wich means accident or self mutilation.

Not sure if the new training Battalion was also sent to Arnhem or that the Battalion was held in Rheine.

On 20-1-1945 he was released from the hospital and returned to the training unit.

A few week? later he became part of Regiment Kobelinde?

Most probarly active on the Westfront and taken POW.

No photo, never had one.

Heavy used condition, has some waterdamage.

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