Soldbuch + papers 15. Pz. Gren. Div. Monte Cassino

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Soldbuch to an Unteroffizier from Hamburg.
The Soldbuch opens at 17 Oktober 1942 when he started his military career with the Stamm Kompanie of Panzergrenadier ersatz und Ausbildungs battalion 404.
After his basictrainings he went to an fieldunit; 7./ Panzergrenadier Regiment 115 of the 15. Panzergrenadier Division in early 1944.
At that time the Division was involved in the defensive battles in the Monte Cassino area untill May 1944 when the Division retreated nortwards to Rome.

The 15. Panzergrenadier Division was one of the Divisions who fought from January 1944 onwards in the Cassino area at the Rapido river and the small town of Sant Angelo against the Allies.

Most probarly he must have been taken POW during the Cassino battles in spring 1944.

Fallschirmjager on top of armored vehicles of the 15. Panzergrenadier Division.

He was send to an POW camp in Africa. Here he made some nice pencildrawings. On one of the drawings we can see him in his old pre war proffession of shoemaker wich is also written in the Soldbuch on page 2. (Schumacher).
Nice complete Soldbuch in good used condition.
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Comes with several papers and some drawings.