Soldbuch + VWA citation – IR 475 Wounded 1940 – Nahkampfspange Russia


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Soldbuch + citation for the Wounded Badge in Silber to Unteroffizier Paul Krause.

Born: 16-7-1919

In daily life he was a bricklayer.

The Soldbuch opens at 9-10-1939 with 3. Kompanie Infanterie ersatz Battalion 173. After his basictrainings he became part of;

3./ Infanterie Regiment 474 of the 255. Infanterie Division.

During Operation Fall Gelb or the attack on the Lowlands in May 1940 the Division was held in reserve by the 6. Army and marched behind the front through Belgium. It came into action around Brussels and the Yser canal. Then the division headed towards Dunkirk, France.

Somewhere during these battles in Belgium or France he got wounded for the first time and was brought to an hospital in Germany on 10 June 1940. He was awarded the Wounded badge in Black on 25-10-1940.

After he recovered he became part of another unit;

8./ Infanterie Regiment 171 of the 56. Infanterie Division.

With this Division he took part in Operation Barbarossa during the summer of 1941 in Russia. The Division fought under the 6. Armee and later the 2. Panzer Armee.

He got wounded for the second time to his hand and fingers on 28 and 30 December 1941 as stated on the citation and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Silver.

On 15 January 1942 he was awarded the EK 2 for bravery shown on the battlefield by the 167. Infanterie Division. But at that time he was in a hospital.


After a month he was released from the hospital and was send to an ersatz unit.

After he recovered he joined another fieldunit from May 1944 onwards:

6./Grenadier Regiment 124 of the 72. Infanterie Division.

In late 1944 he got wounded for the fourth time by schrapnel and was awarded the Wounded badge in Gold.

Most probarly he must have been wounded one more time very light as no hospital notification is mentioned and 5 times or an amputation is required to receive the Wounded badge in Gold.

The same year he was also awarded the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen and the Nahkampfspange in Bronze.

He received an Pistol, Maschinen Pistol.

It comes with his Wounded badge in Silber citation and a Military Goverment paper wich was printed on the backside of an map with a part of Belgium on it.
Another paper states that he was in a hospital and from 15 May 1945 onwards working on a farm.

Heavy used condition, some pages are loose but it’s complete and full with entries.

Needs further research!

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