Soldbuch + Wehrpass Feldgendarmerie Abteilung 571 – Kubanshield

Soldbuch – Wehrpass

Feldgendarmerie – Kettenhund



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Zweitschrift Soldbuch + Wehrpass set to Stabsfeldwebel Hans Treinat.

He was born on 3-2-1908 in Negenharrie.

Before the war he was a Polizeibeambter or a Policeman.

Before and during the war he served with several Luftwaffe units on airfields in Germany.
From 1942 onwards he served with 3. Jager Regiment 10 of the 5. Luftwaffe Felddivision wich was active in south-east Russia.

It was posted to defend Krasnodar, near the Black Sea, with the Rumanian Cavalry Corps. On 11 January 1943 the Red Army launched Operation Mountain to push Army Group B from the Caucasus. The attack split 5. Luftwaffe Felddivision in two. Half remained with the Cavalry Corps, while the other half fought with 4. Gebirgsjägerdivision further north. The fighting continued until May, by which time the division was reunited in the Kuban bridgehead, the only remaining German toehold in the Caucasus. In late May, the division withdrew to Crimea to reorganise before moving to the front lines at Melitopol, just north of the Crimean Peninsula, in September where it absorbed 15. Luftwaffe Felddivision as replacements for previous losses. On 9 October 1943, the Red Army launched another major offensive that cut off the Crimean Peninsula. The division was retreated westward and fought on until disbanded in May 1944.

From 22-5-1944 untill 24-10-1944 he was part of Feldgendarmerie Trupp C 176 wich served under the 76.Infanterie Division.

From 25-10-1944 onwards he was part of Feldgendarmerie Abteilung (mot) 571. 

With this unit he withdrawal through Rumania, Hungary, Donaubogen, Steiermark Austria and surrendered in 1945.

It comes with his drivinglicense from 1953. A good comparison can be made with the small picture of him.

He was awarded:

- Dienstauszeichnung IV

 - Sudetenland medal

- Kvk 2 with Swords

- Kubanshield

Rare and hard to find grouping to an Feldgendarmerie man or so called “Kettenhund”.

Good condition

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