Wehrpass Feldwebel Pionier Sturmbootfahrer KIA 1944


Wehrpass to Feldwebel Johann Hornig.

Pionier, Sturmbootfahrer

KIA 1944 Russia

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Wehrpass, first issue to Feldwebel Johann Hornig.
He was called up for military duty in 1940 and joined 3./Pionier ersatz Battalion 33 on 9-2-1940.

On 10-6-1940 he became part of an fieldunit; 1./ Pionier Battalion 658.

The battalion was then placed under Infanterie Regiment 327 of the 239. Infanterie Division. Mid June 1940 it supported an attack towards France.

The attack began on June 15, 1940 against the towns of Biesheim and Künheim, just north of Breisach, also Wehrkreis V, on the German side. For this operation, the battalion was subordinated to the 5th company from the Infanterie Regiment 327 and two platoons from the 3rd Company from the Infanterie Regiment 622.

Works 195, 196a and 196b are taken by the engineers after crossing with assault boats and a small bridgehead is held with the help of the subordinate infantry. This allows construction of the war bridge to begin. This was the first bridge in the 7th Army area to be completed on the evening of June 15, 1940. After a short security period in the area of the new bridge, parts of the battalion moved to the area of the XXV. Army Corps and also support the translation of units there. There were no further deployments in the western campaign.

After the French campaign he got back to an training unit were he got trained as Sturmbootfahrer.

On 26 September 1941 he became part of another fieldunit;

3./(mot) Pionier Battalion 263 wich was part of the 263. Infanterie Division.

With this unit he was involved in the battles in Russia as part of the 4. Armee as part of Heeresgruppe Mitte.

On 25 July 1942 he was awarded the EK 2 for bravery shown on the battlefield. 2 months later he was awarded the Ostmedaille for surviving the harsh and cold winter of 1941 - 1942.

On 7 July 1943 he got wounded by schrapnel and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Black on 24-9-1943.

After he recovered he returned to his old unit.

On 1 July 1944 he was promoted to Feldwebel.

But he could enjoy his new rank only for a short time.

3 weeks later on 21 July 1944 he was KIA at Maz Gorbuni at the age of 38.

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