Wehrpass G.R. 980 – 272. Infanterie Division – MIA Normandy

Wehrpass Gefreiten Karl Kersting.

Grenadier Regiment 980

272. Infanterie Division.

MIA at Fontenay south of Caen, Normandy

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Wehrpass, first issue to Gefreiten Karl Kersting.

Born: 2-2-1910, Ramsbeck.

In daily life he was a salesman.

The Wehrpass opens at 20 June 1942 when he joined Infanterie ersatz Battalion 131. After his basictrainings he became part of an fieldunit;

Infanterie Regiment 114 wich was part of the 39. Infanterie Division.

This Division was stationed at Walcheren Holland and in the Antwerp (Belgium) area as occupational troops. After a year he became ill? and was send to an Genesenden Kompanie.

In early 1944 he became part of 3./ Grenadier Regiment 980 wich was part of the 272. Infanterie Division wich was stationed in Belgium and moved in March 1944 to Perpignan, France.

After the Allies landed on D-day the 272. Infanterie Division was also send to Normandy to stop the Allies.

It fought south of Caen.


The commune of Fontenay-le-Marmion is located on a high point called crest of Verrieres and that overlooks the area between Caen and Falaise. Defended by elements of the 272. Infanterie Division, the Allies plan to seize it as of 18 July 1944 with the launch of Operation Atlantic but German artillery put an end to the offensive.
On 24 July 1944, the Allies launched Operation Spring to relaunch the action in the same area.

According to the plan of Operation Spring, the village of Fontenay-le-Marmion is to be reached in the second part of the night, after the German line of defense is exceeded. The Black Watch of Canada (5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division) is in charge of seizing it, supported by the Calgary Highlanders (5th Infantry Brigade) and B Squadron 6th Armored Regiment – 1st Hussars (2nd Armored Brigade).

The operation was launched on the evening of July 24 and Canadian troops progressed in the early hours of July 25. During these early hours of 24 July 1944 he was MIA at Fontenay  and was most probarly taken POW.

No medals listed.

He was trained with the K98 and MG 34

Good condition, no missing pages.

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