Wehrpass Poland ‘39 France ‘40 – 4. Kavallerie Div. Russia


Wehrpass, first issue to Helmut Paetzold.

Poland 1939, France 1940.

Russia 1942 – 1945. EK 2 + Wounded Badge in Black

4. Kavallerie Brigade

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Wehrpass first issue to Hauptwachtmeister Helmut Paetzold.

From 1934 - 1935 he was already trained as an Uffizier anwarter and was released after a year. In 1939 he was called-up again for military service and became part of Stab Artillerie Regiment 168 of the 68. Infanterie Division.

The 68. Infantrie Division was set up on August 26, 1939 as the 2nd Wave Division by the 3rd Infantry Commander in Guben. The division was already operational at the beginning of the Polish campaign, so that on September 1, 1939 the division became an army reserve of the 4th Army. From the area north of Kraków, the division advanced through Sandomierz to Janow. After the end of the Polish campaign, the division was used as an occupation force in Poland until November 1939 and then transferred to the 16th Army on the Moselle north of Trier. At the beginning of the western campaign, the division was the army reserve of AOK 16 and only took part in the second phase of the campaign, the "Battle of France".
It seems that the Artillerie Regiment or elements of it were attached (temporarily?) to another Division and marched already on 10 May 1940 through Luxembourg and South Belgium towards the French Maginot defense line.
On 18 May 1940 is mentioned: ”Sturm auf Panzerwerke 505” page 12.

Panzerwerke 505 was by the French known as Ouvrage la Ferte.

The battles around this part of the Maginot line turns out to be the most heavy of all battles.


They marched from south of Sedan to Epinal. Already in July 1940 the division was transferred to eastern Poland for border security. On October 15, 1940, the division sold a third of its inventory (Stab IR 196, I./169, I./118 I./196) to the 340. Infanterie Division and so was Helmut also transferred to this Division and became part of Stab and later 5. , 2. and 4. battery.
In 1942 the Division was send to the east to fight in Russia from July onwards in the Woronesh area, west of Kursk, Shitomir.
In 1942 he was awarded the EK 2 for bravery shown on the battlefield.

In early 1943 he got wounded for the first time and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Black on 19-4-1943.

From 21-1-1944 untill 24-10-1944 he was part of 1./Artillerie Abteilung Sud wich was part of the 4. Kavallerie Brigade and later Division.

Members of the Brigade and Division were allowed to wear the Skull with crossed bone.

The Brigade fought also in Russia as part of Heeresgruppe Mitte.

In February 1945 the Brigade was turned into a Division. (on paper)

He got trained with/as:

- K98

- P08

- FK 16

- LFH 18

- MP 40

- MG 34

- MG 42

- Scherenfernrohr

- Richtkreiss

- Gefechtsschreiber

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