Wehrpass Unteroffizier Poland – France – Russia – Moskow – KIA 1942


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Wehrpass to Unteroffizier Alfred Schieberer from Breslau.

Born: 17-5-1914.

He starts his military career on 1-11-1935 with 6./Infanterie Regiment 54.

From 6-10-1936 untill 30-9-1937 he was part of 11. Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 116 and left the army.

On 27-8-1939 he was called-up for military service and joined 2. Radfahr Schwadron Abteilung 252 of the 252. Infanterie Division followed by Schwere Panzer Abwehr Zug 252 wich was renamed to Schwere Panzerjager Zug 252.

The 252. Infanterie Division was set up on August 26, 1939 as the 4th wave division from the supplementary units of World War VIII. At the beginning of the Polish campaign, the Army Group Reserve Division of Army Group South and the Militsch area were brought to the German front. She did not intervene in the fighting and finally reached Posen. In December 1939, the division moved to the west to secure the border on the Blies section in Saar-Palatinate. At the beginning of the western campaign, the division remained in its positions. On June 14, 1940, it broke through the first fortifications of the Maginot Line near Altweiler and then crossed the Rhine-Marne Canal.
The attack then followed via Badonviller into the High Vosges.
On June 22, 1940, the division was in the Donon area. The transfer to eastern Poland took place as early as July 1940. On October 8, 1940, a third of the division was handed over to the 134. Infanterie Division. (Stab/452, III./452, III./461, III./472, II./AR 252) The levies were replaced within the division.

From June 22, 1941 the division fought in Russia. It attacked from the Mielnik area over the bow, marched via Slonim to the Slutsk area and from the end of July to the Ptitsch. The division then marched into the Rosslavl area via Bobruisk, Rogachev, Propuisk and Krichev. After a brief refreshment, the attack on Moscow followed. Spass-Demensk was reached via the Dessna and the Ssnopot. The division then advanced to the area between Gshatsk and Mohaisk in order to be deployed on the eastern edge of the Vyazma pocket. The 452. Infanterie Regiment was incorporated into the 7. Infanterie Regiment on November 11, 1941.
On 19-10- 1941 he was awarded the EK 2 for bravery shown on the battlefield.
Followed by the Panzer Sturmabzeichen on 24-11-1941.

On this same day he was heavily wounded and send back to Germany and brought to an hospital in Trier. But he couldn’t recover from his woundings and died on 13-1-1942.

On page 26 is written:

”Verwendet zum M.G. Fuhrer”  he commanded and machine gun crew.
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The photo shows him in uniform with Infanterie Regiment 54 shoulderboards.

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