Wounded badge citations- Fallschirmjager Crete 1941 – Monte Cassino 1944


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Wounded badge in Black citation to Gefreiter and later Oberjager Hermann Bruning.

He was wounded for the first time on 28 May 1941 while serving with the Nachrichten Zug of Fallschirmjager Regiment 2.
The document was awarded in Berlin on 15-8-1941 and was signed by the Regimental commander Hans Kroh. Later Knightscross with Oakleaves wearer.

The Fallschirmjager Regiment 2 was fighting in Crete during Operation Merkur.

On 28th May the Axis retreated from the island. On this day he got wounded for the first time.

After he recovered he became part of 4./Fallschirmjager Regiment 10 wich was part of the 4. Fallschirmjager Division.

On 23 May 1944 he got wounded for the second time and was awarded the Wounded Badge in Silver.
The 4. Fallschirmjager Division was fighting around Monte Cassino and had been pushed backwards by British Panzer units south of Via Casilina.

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